Fairground Fiesta: A Course for Treble Recorder




Fairground Fiesta: A Course for Treble Recorder with Songs and Tunes for Descant and Treble Recorders (32 pages with CD) 

Having learned the descant, some children are encouraged to progress to the treble recorder which gives a fuller, more musical sound. It expands the instrumental ensemble and gives a wider harmonic range. However, fingering for the treble recorder is completely different from the descant. Even though they may be competent descant players, they need a careful, step-by-step approach to the new instrument.  Fairground Fiesta enables new treble-learners to play alongside with descant players, with music that is appropriate to the needs of the beginning treble players and the fluent descant players.  This makes for efficient use of teacher-time and avoids children becoming frustrated by waiting for others to catch up.

The book includes a new series of performance songs on a fairground theme which are tuned to children’s interests. They’ll have fun playing on the Big Wheel, the Ghost Train, the Dodgy Dodgem, the Candy floss Kiosk and meeting Fifi the Fortune-Teller.  The catchy and memorable words are all written to help to learn the rhythm of the tune, so that the player can concentrate on the notes. There are lovely illustrations which make the book a pleasure to have.

The CD of accompaniments provides different tracks so children can hear the whole piece with accompaniments, each of the separate treble and descant lines and then play along to the accompaniment.

Summary points

  • Newly-written lively and catchy child-friendly songs for treble and descant recorders playing together
  • Pieces are suitable for performance repertoire
  • Exciting fairground songs and music which appeal to children
  • Full-colour illustrations
  • Carefully graded pieces that allow children to play together
  • Fingering diagrams that show the correct orientation for playing
  • CD with lively modern accompaniments with strong rhythms
  • Choice of tracks with the different recorder lines and accompaniments to play with and without the tune
  • Written to appeal to boys as well as girls


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