Guinea Pig Gig: Two-Part Songs for Descant Recorders




The recorder is the leading first instrument for children to begin playing music.  However, while there are collections of recorder pieces for accomplished players, there is a lack of accessible music for early learners to play and perform, and particularly there is a shortage of music to play together in duets.

My new book, Guinea Pig Gig, offers ten performance pieces for children to play together as duets. It is for those who have started to learn and continues their progression to more demanding playing, using words to structure the rhythm. The lower part is for children who are ready to play an accompaniment from music without the words.  So children at different levels can play together in the easier and more difficult parts in the duets and enjoy the experience of ensemble playing.

These songs for descant recorders in the book are all about different animal characters with charming illustrations that children love.  You’ll meet Bertram Bear and his Beetroot Burgers, Ferrari Rabbit, Wilf the Wallaby, Cool Cat, Milly Mouse and, of course, you’ll come across the Guinea Pig Gig playing drums, sax and guitar.  The catchy and memorable words are all written to help to learn the rhythm of the tune, so that the player can concentrate on the notes.

The CD of accompaniments offers the opportunity for players to hear the two recorders with accompaniment, each of the recorders playing alone and then the accompaniment so that they can play along with it – like karaoke.

Summary points

  • Ten newly-written lively and catchy child-friendly songs, suitable for performance
  • Humorous animal rhymes which appeal to children
  • Lovely full colour illustrations
  • Carefully graded pieces that allow children to play together and enjoy ensemble playing
  • Fingering diagrams that show the correct orientation for playing
  • CD with lively modern accompaniments with strong rhythms
  • Choice of accompaniments to play with and without the tune
  • Written to appeal to boys as well as girls


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