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From Elodie aged 8 in Devon

  • I’m using Charanga at school, and Daddy bought me the Blown Away Book 1 and CD to play along with at home.
  • I really like the book because it has fingering positions, words and lovely pictures.
  • I love all the songs, but my favourites are The BMX Track, and Gianna and Giuseppe. But best of all so far is Annie’s Granny.
  • When I see the picture of Gianna and Giuseppe it helps my imagination to think of where they live.
  • I like having the tunes all in one book rather than on lots of sheets of paper.
  • I like having the CD because the introductions help me to get ready for the notes, I can hear if I’m playing the right note, and it also helps me keep to time.
  • I like playing at home on my own because it’s harder at school when everyone is playing, and I can concentrate more easily and play whenever I want.
  • What’s amazing about the book?  All of it!


Anya Bellamy is Recorder and Woodwind teacher in Wiltshire Schools.

I would buy all four books as there are so many pieces I would use for concerts and competitions. I think the music is great and the children will love the themes and what the pieces are about. I can hear them all happily singing the words.

Book 1 – think the pieces are excellent.  I love the way in which boys are strongly featured. Love Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy – would do as concert piece – and Computer Kid as well as lots of others.  I can see this being a big hit with my classes.

Book 2 – excellent pieces such as Elephant Explorer, Food Fabulous Food, and children would love Grand Finale.

I have been using Guinea Pig Gig book with three different recorder classes. The children absolutely love the pieces and have so much fun saying the rhymes. They like the fact that they can choose a part and that they are playing in harmony.  I gave my …. group the choice of continuing with Wilf the Wallaby or the Lion King, and they chose your piece.


Kaja May       Woodwind Peripatetic for North Somerset Music Service

I’ve had an in-depth look/play of the BLOWN AWAY book 1 copy that you gave me now, and I think it’s wonderful! I can really see it working well with whole-class recorder groups because it will engage the boys as much as the girls. Plus, it doesn’t bombard them with jargon and symbols too soon. Kids just want to play tunes, after all!  I really like the ‘upside-down’ recorder diagrams showing it from the player point of view!